The Big Pitcher™

The Big Pitcher™

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The Big Pitcher™ is designed to conveniently and affordably create an oxygen infused water within easy reach. We recognize that many individuals are looking to improve their wellness with a targeted approach to their water intake do not always have the time for complex machines requiring complicated maintenance. The Big Pitcher™ is lightweight, portable and comes with only the barest maintenance requirements.

About the Inventor:

In early 2000, Teri Mathis, company founder, owned an environmental remediation company where she exercised and further developed her knowledge about water chemistry. One day while at home she was curious and tested her family’s drinking water to see how much dissolved oxygen it contained. She became intrigued when the meter showed ZERO and wondered whether drinking water with no dissolved oxygen would be unhealthy.

Teri and her husband Lee resolved to find a product to safely oxygenate their drinking water – there was none. As a result they took the plunge into the vast process of designing and manufacturing a home appliance that would do the job. As their idea of a healthy kitchen appliance to infuse drinking water with oxygen came began to grow,  the  company needed more space. They found it in a century-old schoolhouse, converted to commercial space, in Orchard, Texas.  Years later, they moved from Orchard, but the charm and support of the community live on in the company’s name, Oxygen Orchard.

Teri’s research is ground-breaking.  While there wasn’t much  written about the effects of drinking water with low to no oxygen when they started, she has gathered an enormous volume of material, which she plans to compile in her book, The Miracle of Oxygen, Vendale Publishing Company.